Whether it’s for mortgage or auto financing, our Credit Based Data comes with credit score, payment history, exact trade balances, and more.

A Credit Based Lead reveals the prospect’s true credit profile, or their credit-worthiness, and is used in “firm offer” type of programs. The benefit of working with Credit Based Data is the ability to market only to prospects that fit your exact program guidelines. Take the guesswork out of marketing, with Credit Based Data you can now zero in on your ideal prospect.

Here are some of the Credit Based selects that can be used to build your perfect prospect list:

  • Credit Score
  • Mortgage or Other Loan Amount
  • Loan Payment History
  • Current & Delinquent Borrowers
  • Number of Trade-Lines
  • Percent of Utilization on Credit Cards
  • And more than 400 other attributes to select from

You control all the filters and selects to create your own ideal list for your product or service. By working with Credit Based Data, you can eliminate common credit based objections; it’s like having your prospects credit report in your hand as you’re selling them. What could be better than that?

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