Reverse MortgageMost companies want to take advantage of direct mail – the benefits are undeniable – but first you have to know what you’re doing. If you’re considering a Direct Mail campaign, here are the top five things you should know before you make that important investment:

1)      Buy the Right List

Sounds simple, but avoid the temptation of buying “data in a box”. Do your research, work with your marketing rep, and don’t settle for easy answers. The best list is a custom list, and a list that works for one campaign, may not apply to the next campaign. Look under the hood, fine tune the criteria, and if possible, test one list versus another for the ultimate answers on what works best for your specific campaign.

2)      Create a Compelling Mail Piece

A lot of clients ask me to simply pull a mail piece “off the shelf” and just run with it. There are several problems with that approach. As with the list, one size does not necessarily fit all. There are subtle (and not so subtle) differences that make a mail piece effective. Market conditions can change like the wind, and smart marketers see the forecast on the horizon and adjust accordingly. Work closely with your rep to incorporate timely triggers that resonate with today’s consumers – and know that it can change all over again come tomorrow.

3)      Be Consistent, and Make a Commitment

Realize that one mail drop does not make or break a campaign. Rather, it takes a decent sample size to see the big picture, and a little luck and timing plays a big role. Spread out over multiple drops, you’ll see your response rates dip and spike, even though you’re using the same list type and mail piece. The ultimate answer lies in the total average, and it takes more than one drop to arrive there.

4)      Be Efficient & Be Patient

To make the most of your budget, take advantage of volume pricing, and use standard postage if possible. A big chunk of a direct mail budget lies is in the set-up. Once the set-up charges are absorbed, the cost per piece will drop dramatically. Regarding postage, standard mail will save you about .10 cents per piece (.25 cents, versus .35 cents for 1st class). While 1st class is definitely quicker, the speed of deliver becomes less and less relevant once 2-3 drops make it in to the rotation.

5)      Choose the Right Partner

Don’t get burned by unscrupulous business partners, and beware of pricing that sounds too good to be true. We have the expertise to manage the entire process for you, with complete transparency, and with prices starting as low as .49 cents per mailer, out the door. If you’re serious about taking your marketing to a whole new level, contact me today for your free, personal consultation.

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