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Whether for mortgage or auto financing, our credit-based data is a comprehensive solution providing crucial insights for informed decision-making. Beyond just credit scores, payment history, and exact trade balances, our data empowers businesses with a deeper understanding of consumer financial profiles, ensuring precision in targeting and enhancing the effectiveness of your financial service strategies.

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You have the flexibility to opt for purchasing your data separately or entrust Idea Engine with all the details, making your experience hassle-free. Our complete turn-key direct mail packages ensure that your direct mail campaigns are not only effective but also seamlessly executed, leaving you with the peace of mind to focus on your business.

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We provide the essential ammunition you need to not only succeed but also to gain a competitive edge that your competition can only wish for. With Idea Engine as your strategic partner, you’ll be armed with unparalleled resources, ensuring you stand out in your industry and stay steps ahead of the competition.


Idea Engine specializes in providing high-quality, credit-based marketing leads for a diverse range of industries, including mortgage, banks, credit unions, real estate, insurance, automotive, credit repair, bankruptcy, and tax relief.

Idea Engine offers customized direct marketing solutions designed to elevate outreach strategies. Whether you prefer mailing, telemarketing, or a turn-key mail service package, we leverage our expertise to meet your unique business needs, ensuring targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Idea Engine’s Credit Based Data goes beyond basic credit scores, offering comprehensive insights into payment history, exact trade balances, and more. Our data is a valuable resource for businesses seeking a deeper understanding of consumer financial profiles, enabling informed decision-making.

You have the flexibility to choose. Idea Engine allows you to purchase data separately if you prefer to manage the details yourself. Alternatively, we offer complete turn-key direct mail packages starting at a low initial investment, providing a hassle-free solution for your direct mail campaigns.

Idea Engine ensures the effectiveness of its direct mail campaigns by offering complete turn-key packages that cover all aspects, from data acquisition to execution. Starting at a low initial investment, these packages are designed to seamlessly integrate data and execution, ensuring your campaigns are not only impactful but also cost-effective.

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